Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quizzing - The Whys & Hows

Link Heavy post. Largely derived from the Boat Club QC notes.


Niranjan on How to set a quiz or sweet scorn soup for the quizzical soul. And on setting a quiz. And a few tips more.  
Ramanand continuing on the passing format. Explaining Direct & Pass. And Infinite Rebounds. And some update on Infinite Rebounds.And on why we have so many chestnuts in quizzes.
Abhishek provides a checklist for organizing quizzes
The Pune gang on making quizzes popular.
Hirak suggests the inclusion of the Pounce & Bounce.  

Pour Quoi
Tadatmya Vaishnav in defence of quizzing. In 2 parts. Part 1 at the bottom of the link.

For the insatiated only
Abhishek on the Centaurian system.

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