Monday, May 21, 2012

On Chelsea scaling their Everest - Ramblings

  • My 1st memory of a penalty shoot-out is the 82 semi between W Germany & France. Sort of remember being impressed by the German precision in slotting into the far extremes of the net. Can't recall the Germans ever losing out on a penalty. On the other hand, have seen many English players doing a Ramos, including Terry & Beckham. So didn't think Chelsea stood a chance at the end. Was amazed to see Cech guess the correct direction every time. The Lineker axiom stands disproved.
  • Chelsea has one of the most expensively assembled teams. Cost way more than Bayern or Barcelona. Surprised to see them always treated as underdogs. Or to not even make an attempt to play ball. They effectively neutralized Bayern's home advantage by refusing to keep possession.
  • Feels odd that some English football fans will have fond memories of Munich.
  • Torres had about 30 minutes to make his case for a place in Spain's Euro squad. IMO not enough.
  • Everyone interviewed post match seemed non-committal on Di Matteo's continuation as coach. None of the players said they would like to see him as coach. All went on about how great a job he has done in terms of results. Stress on results. Seems a decision has already been made. Probably he losing the job is best for his reputation at this stage. Chelsea are very unlikely to repeat their success next year. They'll have to off-load quite a lot of players, and rebuild.
  • Chelsea can use their CL success to boost their international fan base, especially with the London Olympics around the corner.
  • Was nice that players weren't going to the ground all the time. One of the negative Spanish league traits.
  • Avram Grant takes them to the finals for the 1st time. Di Matteo becomes 1st coach to win a Champions League with Chelsea. Just look at the list of those who couldn't. Maybe Roman Abramovich should permanently hire a caretaker coach.
  • Feeling sorry for Spurs, but not too much. Entry to Champions League by placing 3rd or 4th in the domestic league is a sort of bonus, not a right. If you want to play the CL, win your home league.

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