Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worldy Wise

Amazing how much print is wasted on horoscopes, zodiac, star forecasts and such. The Times of Oman Thursday supplement dated Jan 15 2009 has a 14 page feature on star forecasts for 2009, for all humanity. 14 pages of vague drivel, predicting the year ahead for 6 billion people.

Normally quite difficult to evaluate the accuracy. For one, it is all ambiguous. And second, no body remembers this one year on; especially if the prediction did not come true. In the very unlikely event of something predicted actually happening, the proponents would be blowing their trumpets all over the place. And the billions of false predictions easily get brushed aside.

However once in a while we are able to pin down these fraudsters. A case in point is the forecast for 2008 by a Muscat based astrologer that appeared in the ToO Thursday magazine dated Jan 24-30 2008.
A few gems from the article.

Opening para - "Prospects appear bright for the world in general for the year 2008. The beginning of the year falls under the star of 'moon' and in the sign of 'Virgo' indicating material prosperity and luxuries."
[Pervez Musharraf] will continue to be president of Pakistan successfully in 2008.
[Hillary Clinton] shows success to US presidency 2008
[George W Bush] Failing health will trouble him
[Sonia Gandhi] Sickness will persist in the year.
[Bal Thackeray] the family feud in politics (with nephew) will come to an end.
[Gordon Brown] will have favourable results in elections, success and also public opinion will be in his favour.
[Lakshmi Mittal] 2008 will bring success in all endeavours. Only he lost $16 billion this year.
[Rahul Gandhi] Marriage is also on the cards for him.
Shahrukh Khan will enter politics.
[Sunjay Dutt] will have successful films to his credit. All three movies of his in 2008 flopped.
Atal Behari Vajpayee will be honoured with the highest award of the nation.
[Sensex] would not be a surprise if it touches 25000.

Read the full article for a good laugh.

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  1. Does these drivel of bollywood tidbits actually get published and there are readers who follow these.Amazing!!!!