Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why is Ghajini so called?

When Murugadoss, inspired by Christopher Nolan's Memento, decided to make a film with the protagonist suffering from anterograde amnesia he titled this Ghajini.
Have been trying to find the reason for this. Read somewhere that this was inspired by Mahmud of Ghazni (Ghajini in Tamil) who also suffered from a similar type of memory loss. However have not been able to find any authoritative source on this.
Read some other story that this was inspired by Mahmud's success in invading India after repeated failures. Similar to the hero's trial in the film. But this doesn't sound plausible. Don't think the invader from Ghazni had so many failures to start with. And the 1st name that would come up for success after many failures is Robert the Bruce.
When remade into Hindi, the makers had to name the villain as Ghajini to avoid confusion among the viewers on the reason for the name. You could expect the saffron parties to raise a stink if the hero had been named so.

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