Sunday, September 11, 2011

ISM Inter-house quiz 2011

Had the pleasure of conducting the inter-house quiz at Indian School Muscat for the 4th year running. Some takeaways:
  • Green house won. It was Yellow the last 3 years.
  • Some good answers by all teams. The difference between the 1st and last teams was quite small compared to previous years.
  • My fav question was on the link between Geococcyx Californianus & Canis Latrans. Was easily cracked.
  • Best answered question was the one relating to Sarah Burton. Answered by the only girl in the audience. Unfortunately there was none on stage.
  • A couple of the teams this year were a bit more tuned to entertainment questions.
  • Q related to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' song O Children went unanswered but drew the most oohs & aahs
  • Was held on a Thursday. Since school has shifted to a 5 day week, not much audience.


  1. Sad to hear that my old house lost its crown :-(. Who placed second, third and fourth?

  2. Think it was Blue 2nd, Yellow 3rd. Was tiebreak for 2nd.

  3. Yes Blue is second but brilliant by green