Saturday, November 16, 2013

Of Gods and Men

The requirements for the genesis of a religion
  • Blind adoring fans. E
  • Drastic fall in intelligence levels when talking about object of worship. E
  • Animosity towards anyone who disagrees or criticizes. Ad Hominem attacks. E
  • The feeling that everyone else shares the same devotion.
  • Seeing meaningless patterns and co-incidences in words and numbers related to the 'diety'. E
  • The need to prove that he / she is superior in all respects. Quoting numerous and twisted statistics / tales to do so. E
  • Trying to outdo each other in proving allegiance. Often going over the top to do so. Bending rules in the process. E
  • Ascribing miracles to idol <pending>

Perhaps in a few years, we'll hear of a little girl miraculously cured of blindness, after sleeping with a Sachin poster on her wall. And then we'll have all the ingredients.

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